Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Current Self Defense Insurance Plans available in Florida

Many of you have asked me if I favor any particular self defense "insurance" plan.  My response is generally that most of the plans I have seen are designed to "reimburse" you only if you are acquitted of the criminal charges, or the charges are dismissed.  In other words -- you need to pay the attorney and legal expenses up front -- and you are later repaid -- only if you win the case.   For most of us -- that's like no insurance, at all.

USCCA has a somewhat different policy from what I can glean from reading the policy terms.  While  I won't go into the civil side of the policy -- the criminal defense terms seem (in my opinion) to be as follows:

1.   The insurance will pay your attorney his "retainer" up to the "attorney retainer" level you have paid for.  [ie:  either $5,000.00;  $7,500.00;  or $10,000.00].

2.  The insurance will also pay your bail bond premium "up to" the "immediate bond funding" limit you have paid for.

3.  The insurance will also "reimburse" all other attorney and legal expense fees in defending a criminal action to the limit of the range of your selected insurance only if you are: charged with a crime,  enter a plea of not guilty, and are then either acquitted or have the charges dismissed.  In other words -- no cash beyond your selected level on the bond premium and retainer fee until you've won the case.

So . . .  since you can expect typical attorney fees on a disputed aggravated assault in a metro area will be twenty grand, or more, plus expenses -- you will have quite a bit of cash to come up with.  Likewise,  I have serious doubts how fast you'll get the "retainer" funds, and may have to front these if you want an attorney involved, pronto.  Of course -- how fast they pay the initial stuff is a pure guess on my part.  I'd guess about two weeks to thirty days -- and quite frankly -- you'll want an attorney a lot faster than that if you're smart.

While it is possible to find an attorney for less than this amount -- there are no bargains.  Either your attorney will be charging you a fee that properly covers the time he or she needs to put into the case, or your case will suffer.  Attorneys have bills, mortgages, and families to feed -- just like everyone else.

There's also another plan out there called CCW Safe.  If it does what it says -- it may be the best one out there.  The plan has its own attorneys and investigators -- and if you are involved in a self defense shooting, they assign the investigators and attorneys, and pay for everything involved in your defense.  Of course, they choose the firm -- not you.  But again,  this is the only plan I've seen out there that operates in Florida that would cover everything.  So -- certainly worth looking into.

So . . . that's my current analysis on the criminal portion of this insurance.  If you think you have a better self defense policy for criminal charges in Florida -- email  me a copy, and I'll be glad to review it.
postscript:   A reader asked about CCWSafe -- which I've just begun to look into.  If the information on the website is full and accurate -- it may be the best current plan out there for Florida -- but I don't know for sure, and have asked them for additional information so I can try to make an analysis.


  1. What about CCWSafe?

  2. Thanks for sending the link. I have sent an inquiry to them, and on its face, it does seem like the best that is currently out there in Florida. Again -- I just read their available materials, and need lots more before I can comment beyond what they put on their website. I am also revising my post to include this inquiry.

  3. No updates or response from them yet? I'm a CCWSafe subscriber, for better or worse, I can point them here, for what that's worth...

  4. Also shopping and will be following this topic. So far looking at CCWSafe, Second Call, USCCA and Texas Law Shield (more former 2)